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This 4-week program has been designed for anyone who’s looking to be supported nutritionally as the seasons shift, and we head into the summer! 

Whether you’re already a patient of ours, or you’re brand new to our community, this program will help you close out the winter feeling your best! 

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What's Included?

  • Meal Plans - It’s hard to find inspiration when it comes to food. This program sets you up with a two-week anti-inflammatory meal plan to help you build a strong foundation.

  • Coaching Calls - It’s always easier to enact changes when you understand WHY these changes are important & HOW they improve your health. Our 4 Coaching Calls will help lay these foundations.

  • One on One Support - So you get the help you need to carry these changes forward. This program sets you up with a one-on-one 30 minute call with our Nutritionist Erin, to discuss your specific dietary & health needs.

What We'll Cover

  • May 17th: Detoxification

    How to support your eliminating pathways to reduce overall inflammation & increase energy production.

  • May 24th: Digestion

    How digestion should work, signs of digestive imbalances & supportive practices to incorporate for optimal digestion.

  • May 31st: Blood Sugar Balance

    How fluctuations in blood sugar may be contributing to your health issues and things you can do to maintain balance.

  • June 7th: Stress Management

    How stress may be driving your inflammatory conditions & ways to help mediate your stress.

The Seasonal Shift Curriculum

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    Welcome To The Course!

    • Seasonal Shift Program Agreements

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    Week 1 Meal Plan

    • Week 1 Seasonal Shift Meal Plan

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    Week 2 Meal Plan

    • Week 2 Seasonal Shift Meal Plan

  • 04

    Coaching Calls

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    Your 1:1 Nutritional Consult

    • Book Your 1:1 Personalized Nutrition Call!

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