A 6-part educational series for people with PCOS who are ready to take control of their condition, reclaim their hormones, and start living life fully again!

What is the PCOS Series?

The PCOS series is a 6-part, in-depth educational series for people with PCOS who want to learn how to live life optimally with this condition. This program is going to take a deep dive into EVERYTHING you need to know about PCOS. It will be helpful for you whether you just got diagnosed and want to learn more, or if you’ve been dealing with this condition for years and are struggling to find solutions. This educational series will help you understand why you’re struggling with PCOS, and will go over strategies that allow you to work on your symptoms through your day-to-day life on your own, in your own time!

Who Benefits?

This educational series is for anyone with PCOS who is tired of living with this condition, wants to understand why it is occurring, is struggling to find effective PCOS solutions, and is ready to take matters into their own hands! This program will hit everything from weight loss resistance to cycle support, to hyperandrogenism symptoms and more, while taking you through Dr. Milano’s methodology for PCOS that she uses with her patients in her practice. If these are areas of your PCOS you've been struggling with, or are just struggling to understand your PCOS - then you'll likely benefit!

What's Included?

  • On registration you’ll receive instant access to the 6-part virtual series so you can get started immediately. This includes monthly modules that you can watch or listen to on your own schedule, as well as Dr. Milano’s PCOS workbook and resources

  • Testing Summary Charts so you know what you need to get tested, what results mean, and what to ask your doctor about. That way you can finally start targeting the RIGHT things with your PCOS!

  • Diet comparison charts, supplement comparison charts, and more! No more second guessing the information you find online about how to treat PCOS. You'll be given ALL the information and tools needed to tackle your PCOS the right way.

  • Self-evaluation tools, dietary support documents, and more, so you can stay on track!

Topics Covered

  • Understanding Your Unique PCOS Picture

  • Getting a Hold on Inflammation

  • Tackling Insulin Resistance

  • Reducing High Androgens + Chronic Stress

  • Restoring Your Cycle + Overcoming Hormonal Barriers

Your Instructor

Dr. Alessia Milano is a Naturopathic Doctor and co-founder of The Clara Clinic in Toronto. Her private practice focuses exclusively on hormonal health and PCOS. She struggles with PCOS personally and has dedicated her career to helping people live life optimally with PCOS.

Dr. Alessia Milano, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

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  • Will this program treat my PCOS?

    This program is education-based, meaning it does not replace 1-on-1 medical advice. Although this program won't treat PCOS directly, it will provide EVERYTHING you need to know about PCOS and more - so you know how to approach your PCOS more effectively on your own, and with your health care providers!

  • Does this program have coaching calls or consults?

    The PCOS Series does not include coaching calls or consults. If you'd like further 1-to-1 support for your PCOS alongside The PCOS Series, we do offer an add-on option with our team of trained nutritionists! You can head over to www.theclaraclinic.com to book that in.

  • How long will I have access to this program?

    Purchase of this program will provide lifetime access. Although we recommend you move through this program completing one module per month, we encourage you to continually re-visit the course material so you have a comprehensive understanding of the underlying causes of PCOS.

  • Can anyone buy this program?

    Anyone, anywhere can buy this program! One of the reasons for creating this program was to be able to deliver PCOS information to even more individuals than private practice could allow - and this includes individuals outside of Ontario, or those who don't have access to private health care! Just because you're not able to see a Naturopathic Doctor that doesn’t mean your health should suffer. The truth is, the more you understand your PCOS, the better equipped you’ll be to treat it effectively and make informed decisions!

  • Is this program refundable?

    This program is non-refundable.

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